[ditz-talk] Errors with new release

Dalton Calford dcalford at distributel.ca
Wed Aug 20 11:16:10 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I installed ditz yesterday, then again today (aren't new releases great)

With the new version, (installed via "gem install ditz")

I get the following error while attempting to perform a ditz init on a
new git repository

ditz:37:in 'cloaker_':undefined local variable or method
'stop_on_unknown' for #<Trollop::Parser:0xb78245bc> (NameError)
from trollop.rb:58: in 'call'
from trollop.rb:58: in 'initialize'
from trollop.rb:441: in 'new'
from trollop.rb:441: in 'options'
from ditz:30
from ditz:16 in 'load'
from ditz:16

I am hoping there is a simple fix with this (I am using the .5 version
of ditz)


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