[ditz-talk] [ANN] ditz 0.5 distributed issue tracker released

William Morgan wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net
Wed Aug 20 01:37:47 EDT 2008

Ditz version 0.5 has been released!

This release features two new plugins and a host of bugfixes and


Ditz is a simple, light-weight distributed issue tracker designed to
work with distributed version control systems like git, darcs,
Mercurial, and Bazaar. It can also be used with centralized systems like

Ditz maintains an issue database directory on disk, with files written
in a line-based and human-editable format. This directory can be kept
under version control, alongside project code.

Ditz provides a simple, console-based interface for creating and
updating the issue database files, and some basic static HTML generation
capabilities for producing world-readable status pages (for a demo, see
the ditz ditz page).

Ditz includes a robust plugin system for adding commands, model fields,
and modifying output. See PLUGINS.txt for documentation on the
pre-shipped plugins.

Ditz currently offers no central public method of bug submission. 


There are several different ways to use Ditz:

1. Treat issue change the same as code change: include it as part of
   commits, and merge it with changes from other developers, resolving
   conflicts in the usual manner.
2. Keep the issue database in the repository but in a separate branch.
   Issue changes can be managed by your VCS, but is not tied directly to
   code commits.
3. Keep the issue database separate and not under VCS at all.


## 0.5 / 2008-08-20
* ditz tarball now installable without requiring rubygems
* commands now take their own arguments. use 'ditz help' to see them.
* 'todo-full' has been replaced with 'todo --all'
* all commands that required comments now take --comment and --no-comment
* new git-sync hooks git-sync for synchronized git usage
* new issue-claiming hook for claiming issues for oneself
* update hook now called on project.yaml as well as changed issue yaml files
* hooks no longer run twice if a project devel root is under a home directory
* when editing a field in an editor, comments are now at the bottom of the buffer
* ditz now acceps issue ids as well as issue names on the commandline
* ditz edit takes a --silent option to avoid generating a log message
* a 'reconfigure' command has been added
* various webpage tweaks
* more unix-centrisms fixed

William <wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net>

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