[ditz-talk] First impressions

William Morgan wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net
Wed Aug 6 12:24:46 EDT 2008

Reformatted excerpts from David Masover's message of 2008-08-03:
> My point is that if there is only one component, it makes more sense
> to make this something short. I like Trac's notation -- anything that
> looks like a pound-sign followed by an integer (as in #123) is treated
> as a link to the ticket identified by that number (ditz uses "issue"
> instead of "ticket", but the concept is the same).

I see. Yeah, this might be nice, because it does make things much
shorter in the single-component case. But I do like the current issue
name format for when you have multiple components (maybe only because
JIRA managed to burn itself into my brain), so if this were to happen, I
would want the transition to be seamless if you add components.

I've added this as a feature request issue. (2cd9e99c)

> I'd almost just let it be -- false positives aren't particularly bad
> here. If I want to say "I'm #1!" and it links to issue #1, so what?

Yeah, I think that's fine too, and prefereable to having to write
everything in yet another wiki syntax. Especially since the primary use
case for ditz is on the console, not on the web.
William <wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net>

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