[ditz-talk] First impressions

David Masover ninja at slaphack.com
Sun Aug 3 23:17:58 EDT 2008

On Sunday 03 August 2008 20:58:27 William Morgan wrote:
> Reformatted excerpts from David Masover's message of 2008-08-03:

> It's in contrib/completion/ditz.bash. It works really well.

Cool, thanks. I'll give it a try, next time I make any progress on a 
Ditz-enabled project.

> > Could imply it everywhere in that project, including editing issues --
> > kind of nice how, in Trac, I only need to refer to issue #384 (say)
> > and it becomes a link.
> I'm not entirely sure I understand, but if currently if you refer to any
> issue by its name (e.g. ditz-1) in the title, description, or comments
> of an issue, that will get turned into a HTML link by "ditz html".

My point is that if there is only one component, it makes more sense to make 
this something short. I like Trac's notation -- anything that looks like a 
pound-sign followed by an integer (as in #123) is treated as a link to the 
ticket identified by that number (ditz uses "issue" instead of "ticket", but 
the concept is the same).

Another concept from Trac is having issue numbers be globally unique, so that 
even with multiple projects, you never have to type more than the issue 
number. I think this makes a lot of sense, as it's not as though we're going 
to memorize these numbers -- and in the process of looking them up, we can 
readily see what project they're from.

The only problem with this is that it might suggest a way of escaping things, 
so it could get complicated, fast. How would you feel about adapting some 
existing text-to-HTML engine, like Markdown or Textile? Or just backslashing 

I'd almost just let it be -- false positives aren't particularly bad here. If 
I want to say "I'm #1!" and it links to issue #1, so what?

> > It'd still be bad if that one Ditz installation had a separate project
> > added, maybe -- either you'd have errors, or you'd have to always
> > assume the old default project.
> Multiple projects is definitely not supported by ditz, except to the
> extent that you can specify --issue-dir.

Ah... Looks like I meant "components". See above, then.

I probably won't be able to work on this till next weekend -- unfortunately, 
we're still using Trac+SVN at work, and the migration path looks to be 
Trac+Git. But it's an immediate personal itch, so sometime this month...

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