[ditz-talk] First impressions

William Morgan wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net
Sun Aug 3 18:39:31 EDT 2008

Reformatted excerpts from David Masover's message of 2008-07-31:
> Couple things I'm starting to notice, though -- one thing I miss from
> Trac is the ability to go back and edit other parts of the issue
> before I submit.

There's ditz edit, but that generates a log message. I've just added an
issue requesting a --silent flag to turn off logging, so that would be
useful in this case.

> Could probably get the same effect by providing an editor-friendly
> format (not yaml) in which to enter a complete ticket. 

That seems like a different use case to me. Personally I consider YAML
to be editor-friendly, but in general I'm not adverse to other input
mechanisms besides what's there now. So, make a proposal.

> Bugfix/Feature/Task should probably be set to some default, as I'm
> assuming it must be provided.

If you can come up with a default that satisfies everyone, sure. I tend
to be about 50% between bugs and features. We could do something like
"default to the last type the user picked", and then store that
somewhere... dunno.

> One more thing: For a one-project setup, having to type <project>-123
> at the commandline is annoying. That could be implied.

With tab completion I don't see this being that big of a deal. And in
issue titles, comments and descriptions, the issue names have to be
identifiable (because we replace them with issue ids within the yaml),
and breaking consistency between "what I type on the commandline" and
"what I type in the issue itself to refer to another feature" seems bad.
William <wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net>

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