[ditz-talk] a modest proposal for collaboration

Nicolas Pouillard nicolas.pouillard at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 08:56:14 EDT 2008

Excerpts from William Morgan's message of Fri Apr 11 21:30:13 +0200 2008:
> Here's an experiment I'd like to try for how to collaborate on ditz.  I
> think this will make adding your code to ditz easier and quicker, and it
> will put me in more of a maintainership role. (Which is good because I
> need to get back to working on Sup!)
> I'm going to make an 'edge' branch. It will be like the 'next' branch in
> Sup, except with a better name. If you track it, you will get all the
> latest and greatest features, at the risk of encountering some
> brokenness.
> The master branch will be like the master branch in Sup: it will consist
> of stable features that will be included in the next release. If you
> track it, you "should" never encounter bugs.
> Trivial changes I will accept via email as usual and will merge as
> appropriate.
> For non-trivial changes (i.e. things that require more than one commit,
> or things that have a non-zero probability of needing further
> refinement), here's what I ask:
>   - Publish a "feature branch" with a descriptive name on your Gitorious
>     repo, containing just the commits for that feature.
>   - Every time you make some changes that you want added to edge, make a
>     merge request.
>   - When you make bugfixes or modifications of that feature, make them
>     to that branch, and make another merge request.
> In return, here's what I promise:
>   - I will apply merge requests to edge with little to no review, as
>     soon as I receive it. Getting code into edge should be fast and
>     easy.
>   - If I have a change I'd like to make to a feature that you maintain,
>     I will send YOU a patch. (Or, if it's non-trivial, I'll publish a
>     branch and send you a merge request.)
>   - I will maintain a 'bugs' branch with the current state of everything
>     (using ditz, of course), and update the website with the report,
>     etc.
>   - I will maintain the master and edge branches, merging feature
>     branches down to master once they seem stable.
>   - I will build and publish releases as appropriate.
> So, for example, I would love to see a 'hook' branch, a 'tasks' branch,
> a 'shell-completion' branch out there that I can merge.
> Comments? Suggestions?

That's  very good plan! -- Even if it took me a lot more time to setup all these
branches that effectively writing the code :(

I've made these three branches and request for merges.


PS: thanks for these git incantations, it was a really good start

Nicolas Pouillard aka Ertai
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