[ditz-talk] Emacs interface to Ditz

Kentaro Kuribayashi kentarok at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 00:00:26 EDT 2008


>  So somehow I suspect that EDITOR isn't being set to emacsclient when
>  you're calling ditz from within emacs. Is there any chance that it's
>  being set to just "emacs" somehow?

I applied the new patched ditz and got messages below:

    TERM IS "dumb"
    EDITOR IS "emacsclient -t"
    running: emacsclient -t "/tmp/ditz.21554.0"
    *ERROR*: Terminal type "dumb" is not powerful enough to run Emacs

Oh, I set $EDITOR variable to "emacsclient -t" not just "emacsclient"...
After changing it to just "emacsclient", ditz edit started to work
well in Emacs.
Sorry for my mistake.

The "-t" option runs emacsclient enabling multi-tty feature in CVS HEAD
of Emacs, and I can't live without it at all. Anyways, I'll set the value just
"emaclient" only in Emacs.

Thank you!

Kentaro Kuribayashi

kentarok at gmail.com

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