[ditz-talk] related project: ticgit

Nicolas Pouillard nicolas.pouillard at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 14:47:24 EDT 2008

Excerpts from William Morgan's message of Sun Apr 06 04:10:14 +0200 2008:
> Just discovered this project: http://github.com/schacon/ticgit/wikis
> Git-specific, but also a distributed issue tracker with a pretty similar
> interface.

Indeed...  Although  I  think  that your system independent approach is better
(as  a  darcs  fan), moreover ticgit hide the data from the user, in fact they
try  hard  to  hide  a bugtracker inside your DSCM more than making it part of
your source tree.


Nicolas Pouillard aka Ertai
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