[Ditz-talk] something like a ticket inbox

_why why at whytheluckystiff.net
Thu Apr 3 11:53:07 EDT 2008

Hey, everybody.  I am finding ditz to be quite sensational.

Now, clearly, ditz is very friendly to the hackers down underground.
I am trying to cook up a strategy to offer users an interface to
submit tickets and comment on tickets.  I know that probably doesn't
fit very well into this approach, but I've been wondering.

Let's say I have a web interface that has a clone of the repository
that is kept fresh by cron.  And largely the interface is read-only.
Except users can add new tickets and new comments.  I don't really
want the web interface to alter the bugs.yaml, in case there is a
conflict.  I suppose you could look at bugs.yaml as an mbox file,
monolithic and quite a spectacle.

What if there was an alternate Maildir-style approach?  You commit
new bugs and comments in a directory and after you "read" them
through ditz, it merges them into the bugs.yaml.


Perhaps using a unique ID for each ticket could prevent conflict.
Or maybe a complete Maildir-style approach could be used?


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