[Ditz-talk] rubyforge synchronization

Daniel Brumbaugh Keeney devi.webmaster at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 07:40:14 EDT 2008

Some time ago, I started work on the GTK desktop bug tracker,
tentatively name Diptera. Perhaps I'll get around to integrating the
gtk interface with ditz. I stopped working on Diptera after I failed
to get soap4r working with rubyforge. (saywatang (from #ruby-lang)
thinks there's a bug with rubyforge's soap interface[1], but I haven't
seen anything to suggest my failure was related to anything but my own
ineptitude.) In my mind, synchronization with rubyforge is the killer
feature for a ruby desktop issue tracker. I mention this principally
as a feature request, and would be elated to see this feature

Daniel Brumbaugh Keeney


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