[Ctioga2-users] Error Bars in ctioga2

Bill Wolf wmwolf at physics.ucsb.edu
Fri May 4 01:06:53 UTC 2012

Hi ctioga2 users!

I'm relatively new to ctioga2, but I'm very pleased so far with what it can do.

Recently I've been trying to make plots with asymmetric error bars. That is, I have yerrup and yerrdown, and they are not equal. I know to use

plot(data.dat at 1:2:yerr=3)

to get traditional symmetric error bars, but my random guesses at  syntax for separate up and down errors don't seem to be working. Is this feature available in ctioga2? I know I could just use two additional plot statements with error bar markers on max and min data selected to do it manually, but I'm certain there is a more elegant way.

Thanks for any advice you might have.


William Wolf
wmwolf at physics.ucsb.edu

UCSB Department of Physics

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