[Coterie-users] Newbie developer thought

Thomas Riboulet ange at librium.org
Mon Feb 21 05:32:23 EST 2005

Nolan J. Darilek wrote:

 > Since this is a rather new project, I had some questions about
 > policies for svn commits. Specifically, since the project is in its
 > early phases, many large changes can be made rather easily. Do we need
 > to discuss each and every change, especially in cases where dealing
 > with their after-effects would probably take less time than having an
 > actual discussion about the change itself? :)
Not each and every change but big changes and decisions :
- changing the database structure
- adding a model/controller
- changing method names
- changing model/controller name
things like that

 > So, to minimize lots of developer discussion here, and to prevent
 > someone from implementing a change that breaks or conflicts with
 > something being worked on by another, I've created

well developers discussion should be on coterie-devel, not on on 

 > http://wiki.librium.org/coterie/show/ProposedChanges. I was thinking
 > that developers could keep tabs on that page, updating it whenever
 > they'd planned on making changes that might break something

yes, good idea, I'm ok with that

 > (I.e. schema or config changes) and, if someone should see something
 > they don't like, they could discuss the change on the page. When the
 > change is made, the item in question is struck from the page. It's
 > sorta like a todo list, except it's more a list of things that may be
 > done should no one object. :)

 > I have a few items on this list, some of which I'll tackle tomorrow or
 > the next day should no one have any issues with them. :)

I'm ok for most of them except Part and the configuration table we need 
to discuss about it on irc.

About the db conf, I agree with you.


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