[Coterie-users] Patches, rails 1.0, Migrations

Thomas 'ange' Riboulet ange at librium.org
Fri Dec 30 12:06:00 EST 2005

since this thread is mostly about development things I'd rather move it 
to the coterie-devel list and/or the irc channel (#coterie on freenode)

there is some points I'd like to discuss with you (and others) :
* subversion vs darcs as a scm for the project
* rscm vs home made libs for the repository browser
* developers access to the repository
* contribution and collaboration in general

Jason M. Felice wrote:
> Quoting Thomas Riboulet <riboulet at gmail.com>:
>>I'm back in Paris, and online. I've checked the patches from Jason
>>quite a lot of nice things but there is a problem with the patches.
>>I've extracted all the "good" things from them and tweaked the code.
>>We now have :
>>* migrations instead of development_structure files
>>* better menu method in the application helper
>>* Rails 1.0 compatible app (almost)
> I've got a stack of minor cleanups, plus I've almost fully implemented 
> user story tracking.  Also did a bit of research on user stories, and 
> have refined our process (what to put in user stories), and boy am I 
> excited about continuing to contribute to Coterie.
>>What's going to happen now ?
>>* fix all the Rails 1.0 related bugs
>>* brain storming about Coterie's future : gforge like, collaboa like,
>>between gforge and collaboa ?
> *If* you find this suggestion enjoyable:-- *I* would enjoy letting it 
> evolve from user stories that we debate.  I look at it like this: 
> instead of asking, "shall we have a hammer, or shall we have a 
> screwdriver?", we ask "do we need to drive nails, or do we need to 
> fasten screws?"  I'm curious what reaction you have as you read this.
>>Please keep in mind that Coterie is designed to be developer oriented,
>>not a public part of a website. It may have a part designed to help
>>interactions between developers and !developers.
> I'm noting these intentions are identical to ours, and happy about the 
> idea of collaboration. :)
>>As always I'm interested in all comments.
> It is best to avoid eating yellow snow.

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