[Coterie-users] Patches, rails 1.0, Migrations

Thomas Riboulet riboulet at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 14:43:44 EST 2005


I'm back in Paris, and online. I've checked the patches from Jason
quite a lot of nice things but there is a problem with the patches.
I've extracted all the "good" things from them and tweaked the code.
We now have :
* migrations instead of development_structure files
* better menu method in the application helper
* Rails 1.0 compatible app (almost)

What's going to happen now ?
* fix all the Rails 1.0 related bugs
* brain storming about Coterie's future : gforge like, collaboa like,
between gforge and collaboa ?

Please keep in mind that Coterie is designed to be developer oriented,
not a public part of a website. It may have a part designed to help
interactions between developers and !developers.

As always I'm interested in all comments.

I'm working on bringing back online the librium.org's Coterie, to
handle my projects, and Coterie is one of them. The wiki is online
atm, but may not stay that way.


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