[Celerity-users] how to deal with ajaxy sites where browser url doesn't reflect current page location ?

doridori Jo dorikick at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 01:43:01 EDT 2010


It's frustrating with ajaxy sites where browser.back totally fails. For
example, when you go to a certain site, you click on a bunch of links that
loads ajax pages or even via javascript. It shows url that is not reflective
of the current window's state.

For instance

browser.url shows http://www.somesite.com/products

but when you type this in your browser, it will take you to the default
products page, not the specific product listings. However, with ajaxy sites,
the specific product listing page shows after you click the right buttons
and links.

my question is, if one was to crawl all the links and buttons, is there a
failsafe way to navigate between pages ?

For my case, I was relying on click_and_attach, and closing it when the test
on that page is finished. However, this is problematic for ajaxy sites where
ad popups show up. After thinking about using the htmlunit api, I feel that
maybe click_and_attach should be restricted to popup pages. This also raises
the question of whether opening popup pages on ajaxy sites where popup ads
also appear. Window management would be crucial.

this might sound very vague, but essentially what I'm asking is, is there a
failsafe method to programmatically navigate freely forward and backwards
between pages on AJAXy (ajax heavy) sites ?

Thank you.
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