Camping 2.0.RC0

Magnus Holm judofyr at
Sat Apr 3 16:23:57 EDT 2010

Ladies and gentlemen:

    gem install camping --prerelease

(Look, no --source!)

I'm not a big fan of betas/RCs, but this is a rather big change and I want
to make sure we release something that actually works. I don't have any apps
that runs on Camping (neither 1.5 nor 1.9/2.0), so I was hoping if some of
you could verify that it works as expected?

I'll give it a week or so, and if everything seems fine I'll…

* Copy the documentation at to
* Make sure all the links in the wiki points to the right place
* Release the gem as 2.0 at
* Write an announcement which I'll post to ruby-core, rack-devel and
* Submit the announcement to Rubyflow and ruby.reddit
* Write a patch which removes Rack::Adapters::Camping from Rack
* (Possibly write a little blog post comparing Camping and Sinatra from an
objective point of view)
* Start hacking on Camping 2.1!

Puh. What'd ya think?

Oh, and busbey has been playing a bit with the code: Some awesome migrations ideas in there.
Looking forward to merge them into 2.1!

// Magnus Holm
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