[Brug-talk] Setup BRUG website

Peter Vandenabeele peter at vandenabeele.com
Tue Oct 9 18:01:52 EDT 2007

On 10/9/07, Stijn Pint <stijn.pint at gmail.com> wrote:
> I like rubybelgium.be (or something similar), I think it 's good to
> have a name that is not directly associated with the usergroup.

Maybe taking the best of previous posts, we end up with:

* we register rubybelgium.be and assign it to the usergroup
  (it can be a "de facto" vereniging for now)
  (that domein is such an easy and logical name, we should
   urgently claim it in name of the BRUG).

==> Who will do this ? (if no one else will, I will; not with the
         intention of hijacking it, but before someone else does ...
         and try to register it under the name of "Belgian Ruby User
         Group, feitelijke vereniging" afterwards, we can sign a litle
         paper with a few people that decide to set-up the "feitelijke

* we use the brug.rubybelgium.be subdomein for the BRUG

* on rubybelgium.be , we simply put a few relevant links
  (to brug.rubybelgium.be , to official ruby and rails sites etc.)

* we might also put commercial.rubybelgium.be (and try to keep it in
   a decent, objective, neutral format ... if we charge a minimal fee for
   being a sponsor there, the operational costs can even be carried
   by that subdomain; it must allow gratis listing also for companies
   and suppliers that prefer not to pay).

Any volunteer to take this up (please act quickly before the domain
is hijacked by a single commercial entity).


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