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Peter Vanbroekhoven peter at xaop.com
Thu Aug 9 09:00:06 EDT 2007

On 08/08/07, Stijn Mathysen // Weblogik <stijn at weblogik.be> wrote:
>  I think this is a great idea. I talked to Miles K. Forrest (from
> coderpath.com) a few weeks ago. He is member of the Seattle Ruby Brigade
> (along with Geoffrey Grosenbach) and he said that in the beginning they were
> focusing to much on presentations (in fact I think they gave everybody a
> topic to work out and present it). Once they dropped this "required"
> assignment the memberlist doubled. Instead they have small groups of people
> sitting together to talk about problems and work together on some stuff, and
> occasionally a presentation on an interesting topic.

I'm not sure that would work on a first meeting. The way I see the
first meeting for the moment is 15 minutes or even half an hour for
people to arrive, pick up a drink and socializing, followed by
everyone saying who they are, what that their background is and what
they expect from these RUG meetings. And then a presentation (possibly
on metaprogramming) to have some substance to the meeting. Somewhere
in between there should be time to eat.

At the first meeting, most people will still be strangers to you, and
you still need to discover common interests to be able to sit
together, and talk about working on the same stuff. If you force
people to do that right from the start, you will scare people off too.
People need some time to settle in, build some trust. In time, we can
migrate towards collaboration. And like you say, on occasion, there
can still be a presentation or a demo of what people have done. I
think we need to have these plenary activities too to avoid creating
lots of separate user groups within BRUG.

Kind regards,

Peter Vanbroekhoven
XaoP, Belgium

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