[BioCatalogue-developers] BioCatalogue update

Franck Tanoh ytanoh at cs.man.ac.uk
Wed Mar 10 06:24:13 EST 2010

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the updates.
I'm giving a tutorial tomorrow with over 20 people who may use the
biocat at once. So if we could finish the updates today that will be
extremely good. It will also give me the time to do some testing.


On 10 March 2010 10:13, Eric Nzuobontane <ericnzuo at ebi.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I updated the code last night but because of connectivity issues I had from
> home, I could not run the imports. I did not think it wise to send a mail to
> the list stating this  I suspected it could create unnecessary anxiety. I
> will do the imports now and restart the servers. There  will be no downtime
> as the import do run while the application is up. I will restart of the
> application when the import is done but I do not expect users to notice
> anything.
> cheers,
> Eric
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