[BioCatalogue-developers] SOAPlab server issues!

Jiten Bhagat jits at cs.man.ac.uk
Mon Aug 17 07:09:55 EDT 2009

Hi Eric,

After running this past a couple of users, some new issues have been 
brought up:

3. For the SoaplabServer, we are currently storing the WSDL location 
(which is fine) but not the endpoint. We really need to store and show 
the endpoint for the Soaplab Server as this is what is most useful in 
tools like Taverna.

4. We need to record what Soaplab version the services are (ie: the v1 
untyped or v2 typed ones).


Jiten Bhagat wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> Please treat this as highest priority.
> I've been doing the Soaplab Server UI work (feel free to do an svn 
> update) and have come across a few major issues! We need to address 
> these urgently (except maybe 2.2) so that we get the UI fix in place 
> asap and improve the user experience.
> 1. In the app/models/soaplab_server.rb mode file I've added a couple 
> of FIXME's that you need to look at and fix.
> 2. Seems like we have a couple of major issues with the integrity of 
> some of the Soaplab services data on the live site:
> 2.1. I've been working with a local copy of the db and noticed there 
> are duplicate services for some of them. Example: 
> http://www.biocatalogue.org/search?q=showfeat. I've noticed that the 
> services are essentially the same but with different WSDLs, which is 
> valid according to the duplication rule we have set up. My concern is 
> that they are exactly the same service and so the annotations get 
> spread out between the two. This issue is not crucial to fix for the 
> UI thing I have committed, BUT it would be good to sort it out now if 
> we can. Any ideas?
> 2.2. THIS IS CRUCIAL - A large set of the SoapServices that are 
> soaplab services do not have a corresponding Relationship object to 
> link the SoapService to the SoaplabServer object. I am using this 
> Relationship in the UI fix to display more relevant info, so it is 
> crucial that we sort this data issue out so that the UI fix is as 
> effective as possible on all soaplab services.
> Jits

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