[Betternestedset-talk] Application suggestions

Jean-Christophe Michel jc.michel at symetrie.com
Fri Dec 22 18:41:21 EST 2006

Hi Nick,

Le 22 déc. 06, à 22:50, Nick Pavlica a écrit :
> In this application I will have 500,000+
> trees(roots), with an average range of 1-20+ data members (children +
> leaf nodes) for each tree.

Are your root trees ordered or not ? If they aren't, use the :scope to 
store your 500,000 trees in the same table, without interaction between 
each of them. This should be very efficient.

>  The main portion that I can't
> seem to  get past is when I  try to make the subproject a child of
> what should be it's parent (move_to_child_of) after the save.
>    @project.move_to_child_of ????
>  Can you point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.

Pass an id or an object of the new parent.

Jean-Christophe Michel

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