[Boulder-Denver Ruby Group] Boulder-Denver Ruby Group - August 16th

Marty Haught mghaught at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 16:52:48 EDT 2006

The Boulder-Denver Ruby Group will be meeting on Wednesday, August
16th at our new location (directions below).  We will kick things off
at 6pm with a case study on handling processes by Greg Greenstreet of
Collective Intellect.   Greg will be reviewing code that he wrote to
launch and manage multiple processes in Ruby.  We'll follow that by a
food break and networking.

Around 7:30, Josh Carter will be discussing a management console he
built for a disk array system in Ruby on Rails.  He will also focus on
lessons learned and semi-unique problems he faced.  It should be an
interesting set of talks.  I look forward to seeing everyone there.


Collective Intellect
1414 Pearl St., Suite 200
Boulder, CO 80302

It is located on the East end of the walking mall above a store called
"Baby Doll" on the South side. The Collective Intellect name is on the
door of a stairway leading up to the office.

URL to google maps:

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