[Backgroundrb-devel] BackgrounDRb and Rails 3 beta

Justin Wood justin.wood at trifectagis.com
Sun Mar 7 14:23:48 EST 2010


It's great to see you are working on this.   I also have a fondness for the
memory hungry bastard.   I think backgroundrb has a lot of good ideas that
could ultimately be fixed by some thread pooling.   Any repair work would
benefit from it being as clean as possible, if people got to Rails 3 they
have lot to worry about anyway.   They might as well worry about Backgroudrb
as well.   Even if you make some really harsh changes and it only worked
with Rails 3 then so be it.

I checked out the changes and they all look sensible to me (kinda in line
with some hacks we made on our own versions).   ...  while you are there :-)
if the mood takes you it would be really handy if  backroundrb could have
it's configurations split by environment via backroundrb.yml.


On Sun, Mar 7, 2010 at 8:20 PM, Nic Benders <nic.benders at gmail.com> wrote:

> Despite the general gloom surrounding BackgrounDRb (even on this list), I'm
> still fond of it.  I needed to get it running with the rest of my app in
> preparation for Rails 3.  The changes required are actually quite small,
> mostly just changing the directory that the generators live in.
> Comparison of master to my Rails_3 branch -
> http://github.com/benders/backgroundrb/compare/master...rails_3
> I have not tested every feature, but so far it is working well.  If the
> general approach looks right to people, then I will finish up testing of
> some of the other features and checking backwards compatibility, and some
> small documentation.  I would specifically like feed-back on the
> name-spacing of the generator tasks.
> Which brings up the question of how far back should it work?  I've seen
> some items in the code clearly meant to run with older versions of Rails.
>  Should it target any 2.x?  Or is the current version already doing things
> that mean only 2.3 is supported?
> Thanks,
> -Nic
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