[Backgroundrb-devel] BackgrounDRb and Rails 3 beta

Nic Benders nic.benders at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 02:20:58 EST 2010

Despite the general gloom surrounding BackgrounDRb (even on this list), I'm still fond of it.  I needed to get it running with the rest of my app in preparation for Rails 3.  The changes required are actually quite small, mostly just changing the directory that the generators live in.

Comparison of master to my Rails_3 branch - http://github.com/benders/backgroundrb/compare/master...rails_3

I have not tested every feature, but so far it is working well.  If the general approach looks right to people, then I will finish up testing of some of the other features and checking backwards compatibility, and some small documentation.  I would specifically like feed-back on the name-spacing of the generator tasks.

Which brings up the question of how far back should it work?  I've seen some items in the code clearly meant to run with older versions of Rails.  Should it target any 2.x?  Or is the current version already doing things that mean only 2.3 is supported?


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