[Backgroundrb-devel] starting queued worker tasks immediately

Ivan Maltz ivan.maltz at picochannel.com
Sat Nov 7 16:56:29 EST 2009

My application performs a series of image processing tasks on photos. These
are queued up for processing like this


    worker = MiddleMan.worker(:photo_worker)

    worker.enq_process_images(:arg => id, :job_key =>
"#{PHOTO_WORKER_KEY}_#{id}" )


The background processing is kicked off every minute, as specified in

  :persistent_delay: 60


The images are processed in PhotoWorker like this


  def process_images(pid)

    photo = Photo.find(pid)



    # this task is done, start the next one




When adding a new task to an empty queue, I would like to start the
background process immediately, rather than waiting till the next scheduled
execution of the worker.  How can I accomplish this?



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