[Backgroundrb-devel] What is backgroundrb doing?

Max Williams toastkid.williams at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 12:49:13 EST 2009

I experienced this - i added these lines to my worker classes to make them
log properly

  BDRB_LOGGER = Logger.new("log/backgroundrb.log")
  STANDARD_LOGGER = Logger.new("log/#{RAILS_ENV}.log")

  def ldb(debug_text)
    string = "### #{caller[0]}: #{debug_text}"

 The ldb method can be called anywhere like this

ldb "starting heavy_lifting job, arg_hash = #{arg_hash.inspect}"

2009/11/6 Adrian Klingel <Adrian.Klingel at illumaware.com>

> How can I see what process is running?  Everything in my installation runs
> great, but I don't have any way to see what is actually running.  I thought
> I could query bdrd_job_queues, but the "finished" and "finished_at" columns
> are never updated.  Even though the tasks do complete successfully.  Am I
> supposed to update that table by hand?
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