[Backgroundrb-devel] Severe Bug with daylight saving time?

Till Vollmer till at mindmeister.com
Mon Mar 30 05:59:40 EDT 2009


we have encountered a severe bug in backgroundrb last weekend.

On Sunday at 20:00 (EST) backgroundrb launched infinite workers of  
notification_worker and our server was killed because of memory  

   :port: 11006
   :persistent_disabled: true # turn this off if your application  
doesn't use backgroundrb's persistent/enqueued tasks system
   :persistent_delay: 10 # the time (seconds) between each time  
backgroundrb checks the database for enqueued tasks

       :trigger_args: 0 30 */4 * * * *

We think that it might be related to daylight saving time.

Any hints appreciated.

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