[Backgroundrb-devel] add scheduled task to persistent table...

Carl Pelletier carl at 2be.ca
Wed Jan 14 08:57:57 EST 2009

Hi everyone, little question for you guys:

I a setup a scheduled task to run like this in my backgroundrb.yml:

       :trigger_args: 0 15 5 * * * *

This is working fine, but what I would like is that when backgroundrb  
run the task, ha add it to the persistent queue. this way, i will have  
nothing to do to follow all task run in last days/weeks. I building a  
admin interface on top of all the tasks that running on my server so  
users can start,stop a faild task or just rerun it if something go  

The user can restart this task in every moment he want.

Can you help with this?

I google it and found nothing.


P.S. sorry for sending this message twice. I used the wrong email from.
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