[Backgroundrb-devel] Doing max of N tasks per given time

Ramon Tayag ramon.tayag at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 12:51:52 EST 2009

Thank you everyone for you input ü based on what I've read, it seems  
putting up a postfix server would be the solution.

Ramon Tayag

On 02 9, 09, at 23:13, Ed W <lists at wildgooses.com> wrote:

> Jonathan Wallace wrote:
>> Jack,
>> That's a great point.  In a 5 minute google search, I couldn't find  
>> anything about qmail or postfix being able to rate limit out of the  
>> box but I did find that exim could.  http://www.exim.org/exim-html-4.63/doc/html/spec_html/ch39.html#SECTratelimiting
> A bit late, but Postfix has rate limiting
> See the transport settings.  Basically you can setup a specific  
> transport for a certain destination and then throttle it to X  
> messages per whatever.  The only thing is that if the mails are  
> literally being thrown away silently then you might prefer to go the  
> custom code solution so that there can't be any mishaps due to say  
> mailserver being restarted and stats being reset leading to mail  
> loss, etc
> Good luck
> Ed W
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