[Backgroundrb-devel] CPU/Memory usage of BackgroundDrb

Christian Billen cbillen at warmlyyours.com
Wed Feb 4 12:26:51 EST 2009

Good morning list,
We are a new user of BackgroundDrb and we use it to run specific cron-like
jobs at certain times of the day

What we've been noticing is that even when no jobs are running,
backgrounddrb will be running and 'humming' .  This happen as soon as
background drb is started. Notice the CPU usage for it and packet worker
will be between 4% to 7%


22523 heatwave  20   0  284m 134m 1292 S    3  6.6   0:01.94 ruby

22524 heatwave  20   0 99.7m  41m 3200 S    1  2.0   0:01.68 packet_worker_r

My packet gem is at this release:
packet (0.1.14)

My backgrounddrb is at this release:

Running on ubuntu 8.10 x86 on slicehost

Here's our backgrounddrb.xml, i've tried with or without debug, as you can
see the script are only running once a day.

  :port: 11006
  :debug_log: true

      :trigger_args: 0 30 21 * * * *
      :trigger_args: 0 0 22 * * * *
      :trigger_args: 0 30 22 * * * *
      :trigger_args: 0 0 6 * * * *
      :trigger_args: 0 30 6 1 * * *

Can anyone shed some light on how to debug or is this cpu usage normal?

Thank you

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