[Backgroundrb-devel] script/backgroundrb updates

Woody Peterson woody at crystalcommerce.com
Mon Apr 13 22:45:25 EDT 2009

I need lsb compliant start/stop scripts so I can successfully use  
things like monit and heartbeat, so I updated backgroundrb's newer  
start/stop module to be more lsb compliant. Specifically, my version  
1) responds to status and restart 2) start cleans the old pidfile in  
case of dead/crased process, and 3) made stop exit 0 if already stopped.

Also, unrelated to lsb compliance but really handy, I moved require  
statements and the environment load to only the start method, so all  
other actions (ex. stop, status) happen immediately without loading  
all of rails.


If you're looking to cherry-pick, its in two commits,  
f0b41bc444e48da37e1e1efe45582e15c1163e3d and  

Hope this helps someone,


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