[Backgroundrb-devel] Error running server: Exec format error - packet_worker_runner

James McGrath backgroundrb at jamespmcgrath.com
Fri Apr 10 03:36:05 EDT 2009

Hi All, I've been developing a rails app using the Bitnami RailsStack (
http://bitnami.org/stack/rubystack) and it has always worked as advertised.
That is until I have tried to get BackgrounDRB up and running. I have
followed the steps given on the plugin's project page, each seems to work. I
the plugin install works, I can generate workers etc, but when I start the
backgrounDRB server I get the following errors in the backgroundrb log file:

`exec': Exec format error - packet_worker_runner
>>    from
>>    from
>>    from
>>    from
>>    from
>>    from
>>    from
>>    from script/backgroundrb:35

In my frustrations I created a rails project from scratch to make sure it
wasn't something in my other code / setup, but I still get the errors.

Has anyone seen this type of error before? If you have and suggestions I
would love to hear them. I really want to get this plugin working as it is
perfect for multiple projects I am working on. BTW: I am running on MacOSX.


P.S: Thanks to all devs who created this plugin - although I am not up and
running yet it looks to be a most useful tool. Cheers.
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