[Backgroundrb-devel] ask_result usage

Mark Lynn mark at sabado.com
Wed Sep 17 15:04:57 EDT 2008

I am new to Backgroundrb and am struggling to get a progress bar  
working on a long running job. I have it setup with memcache which is  
working. The code works when I check status using


However, things get messed up when I run a second instance of this  
task and percent_complete is still 100% from the last run.

So, I assume I need the ask_result version that uses the job_key so  
that I am looking at a separate instance from the cache. I tried

     result = MiddleMan.ask_result(:worker  
=> :transfer_worker, :job_key => job_key)

which is similar to how ask_status was used in the Advanced Rails  
Recipes book, but this gives

undefined method `ask_result' for #<BackgrounDRb::ClusterConnection: 

Any hints as to what I am screwing up? Thanks!

Mark Lynn
Sabado Technologies
mark at sabado.com

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