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I posted a bug about this exact issue here: http://backgroundrb.devjavu.com/ticket/103 
, however you did the "right" thing and actually forked the code and  
made the fix!  Thanks for being a fixer versus just a complainer like  

At any rate, Hemant,  here's my +1 to this as well.  Also, using  
migrations this way will be really nice as we move to 1.0.5 and 1.0.6  
and have more db changes!


On Sep 12, 2008, at 8:04 PM, Seth Morabito wrote:

> Hello Hemant, and others!
> Our team here has been using BackgrounDRb with great success, it's  
> been very useful for us!  We're using release version 1.0.3, but  
> we're interested in moving to the git version for the new persistent  
> job queues, which I've been playing around with.
> We prefer to keep all of our database changes checked into our  
> source repository as migrations, so we have some concerns about how  
> the current git version of backgroundrb creates the queue table  
> through a rake task.  I've made a fork of the project on github with  
> a couple of small changes to this, and I'd like to ask you to review  
> them, if you're interested.  The fork is here:  http://github.com/sethm/backgroundrb/tree/master
> The changes I've made do the following:
> * Added a generator that produces a db migration for the queue  
> database table.  The generator is run with "./script/generate  
> bdrb_migration".  It takes an optional argument, which is passed to  
> the generator as the name to use for the migration class, either  
> CamelCase or snake_case.  For example, "./script/generate  
> bdrb_migration MakeQueueDb" will create the file "./db/migrate/ 
> 20080912164900_make_queue_db.rb".  The default name for the  
> migration class is "CreateBackgroundrbQueueTable".
> * Added a rake task that can be used to call the generator, if  
> desired.   "rake backgroundrb:queue_migration"
> * Removed the queue table creation from the "backgroundrb:setup"  
> rake task.  Changed it so that it calls the migration generator  
> instead.  This means anyone using the plugin will need to do a rake  
> "db:migrate" before they can start using persistent queues.
> I'd love feedback on these changes.  The migration would be very  
> useful for us -- but would anyone else find it helpful?  I'm  
> perfectly happy to make changes or enhancements.
> Regards,
> -Seth
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