[Backgroundrb-devel] Call for help

hemant gethemant at gmail.com
Sat Oct 4 16:09:12 EDT 2008

On Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 3:08 PM, hemant <gethemant at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I am planning to put forth 1.1 release, but there are two issues, that
> I would like to get solved before the release and I need your help.
> 1. Mac OS X issue: About newly started worker being unusable for
> fraction of seconds. Ideally, it should work as Linux and other OSes,
> but it doesn't because of problem with read_nonblock (which should
> work across unixes at least well enough). The fix will only come
> through trial and error and we will have to workaround this problem.
> Not having a Mac machine is a bit of hurdle for me, so if possible,
> try changing read from socket code in "packet_nbio.rb" and see, what
> fixes the problem (and what causes the problem). Or else, if possible
> for any of you, I shall be thankful for Mac OSX shell account for a
> week or so.
> 2. Need to verify and fix, issue with bdrb when packet is frozen in
> vendor directory (it should be really minor issue).
> Changes that will go in this release:
> 1. Better start/stop daemon managment (as previously discussed on list)
> 2. logger.warn and friends for logging.
> 3. fixes and patch for scheduled_at.
> 4. When using "reload_on_schedule" option, previous instance of worker
> should be killed, before starting new one.
> 5. job table migration patch by Seth.
> 6. Some documentation fixes.
> 7. Fixes for some closed bugs on backgroundrb trac page.
> 8. FAQ page for known issues/workarounds.
> 9. More test coverage!
> Lastly, I need working monit/god/capistrano configuration that folks
> are using for managing backgroundrb server. (Please submit a patch or
> just use gist.github.com or pastie).
> If I have missed any of important bugs/issues, please reply to this thread.


I have pushed following changes upstream:

1. start/stop is improved now (Woody's patch has been merged!)
2. Mac OSX fixes. (You no longer will have to put a sleep() after
starting a new worker. Upgrade to packet 0.1.14 for this)
2. schedule_at fixes
3. logger.warn
4. Other fixes
5. Improved documentation

I couldn't get Seth's changes for separate migration scripts,otherwise
we are pretty much close to 1.1 release.
Give it a spin and let me know if it breaks or anything.

(Don't forget to remove script/backgroundrb and
script/load_worker_env.rb, before re-running rake backgroundrb:setup)

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