[Backgroundrb-devel] UK Daylight Savings

Zachary Powell zach at plugthegap.co.uk
Sun Mar 30 23:21:10 EDT 2008

A quick fix for anyone running into this problem:

load_schedule was crashing cron_trigger.rb#160, and I found that for
triggers like "0 20 5 * * * *" it was putting in 32 for the date (even
though its Mon Mar 31 04:16:21 BST 2008). Something to do with switching to
day light savings I think, which concludes after 2am. I patched it by adding

day = 31 if day == 32

on the line before. Not sure if there are any ramifications to this, but it
seems to be running now.


(I'm running r303 right now. possibly this has been fixed)
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