[Backgroundrb-devel] email on error

Ian Smith-Heisters heisters at greenriver.org
Wed Mar 19 19:03:54 EDT 2008

On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 2:51 PM, Ryan Leavengood <leavengood at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 3:30 PM, Ian Smith-Heisters
>  <heisters at greenriver.org> wrote:
>  >
>  >  I'm trying to figure out how to use exception_notification to alert me
>  >  of any error in bdrb. I'm not quite sure how bdrb handles errors,
>  >  though. It seems like implementing ExceptionNotifiable in my worker
>  >  class would catch any worker errors (maybe). But what if bdrb fails
>  >  before it loads the worker, or there some other internal bdrb error?
>  >  It seems to catch everything and put it in backgroundrb_debug.log, is
>  >  it possible to exploit whatever hook that uses?
>  >
>  >  I'll play around with it and RTFS, but I was just hoping someone might
>  >  have some prior experience with this.
>  I wanted something like this too and what I did was add some methods
>  to BackgrounDRb::MetaWorker like so:
>  class BackgrounDRb::MetaWorker
>   def handle_exceptions
>     result = nil
>     if block_given?
>       begin
>         result = yield
>       rescue Exception => e
>         log_error(e)
>       end
>     end
>     result
>   end
>   def log_error(error)
>     case error
>     when Exception
>       class_name = self.class.name
>       logger.info("Had exception #{error.class} in #{class_name},
>  sending email.")
>       NotifyMailer.deliver_error_notification(error, class_name)
>     else
>       logger.info(error.to_s)
>     end
>   end
>  end
>  I put the above in a file in lib. I require it in my workers and then
>  call handle_exceptions with a block inside my worker methods. This
>  definitely works, though I don't know if it is the ideal way to do it.
>  For one thing it won't catch errors at the level of BackgrounDRb
>  itself. But at least for worker errors it is fine. Also as you can see
>  I defined my own error mailer that is very similar to the one from the
>  ExceptionNotifier plug-in.
>  It might be nice for BackgrounDRb to support something like this
>  itself. Maybe one of us could put together a patch.
>  Also I use the above with the last released version of BackgrounDRb, I
>  haven't yet upgraded. Though it will probably also work with the new
>  version.
>  Ryan

Cool, thanks, this is really helpful. I'll post back with my finding
if I can ever get around to implementing something like this in my own

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