[Backgroundrb-devel] Multiple deployments of same application using backgroundrb

Diego Camacho diegofcam at gmail.com
Sun Mar 9 11:59:32 EDT 2008

Thanks for this great app. I am having some problems configuring it in my
server. I have a single app deployed three times, one is for testing, one is
for demoing and the other one is for production.
I read that it was unnecesary and it will not work to have multiple
instances of backgroundrb for each of my deployments. I read that it was
enough to instantiate backgroundrb only once from one of the deployments and
the other deployments should use the workers on the deployment where
backgroundrb was started. I have been not been able to do this. If I request
a worker from a deployment that is not hosting the workers, I get errors in
the worker. I am just able to use the workers by restarting the mongrel
cluster that handles the deployment and by restarting backgroundrb in the
deployment I want to use the worker.

As a note, the worker is receiving a ActiveRecord object as a parameter and
the error seem to be coming from there. I am getting undefined methods in
the activerecord inside the worker.

What I am doing wrong ?.
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