[Backgroundrb-devel] Cleaing up after workers in backgroundrb

mike bukhin mbukhin at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 16:27:56 EST 2008

Hi there--

I just updated to the latest build of Backgroundrb and am hitting up
against a memory leak because my workers aren't cleaning up.  My code
concurrently pulls a large number of images using RMagick.  I thought
the problem was with RMagick but after putting in some garbage
collection code when pulling an image, my code runs well from irb.
When wrapped with backgroundrb, it eventually hangs.

In the old backgroundrb I had a self.delete at the end of do_work to
clean up.  Now my setup is a little different:


and then

class ContextWorker < BackgrounDRb::MetaWorker

  set_worker_name :context_worker
  pool_size 1

  def create(args = nil)


  def process_context(id)




How do I clean up after process_context().


Mike Bukhin
Interactive Telecommunications Program - '07

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