[Backgroundrb-devel] Quirks and such within bdrb ...

Tiffani Ashley Bell tiffani2k3 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 08:45:38 EST 2008

Heyy everybody,

So far, in reading about bdrb, I've found it to be just what I'm looking for
much like other developers.  But, there are a few things I'm rather unclear
on and I figure folks on this last can clear things up.

So, I have the XMPP4R library that I'm tinkering around with and I've
created the following worker:


I originally had problems with getting this code to run properly, but I
finally resolved those thanks to some previous posts on the list.  But, I'm
still running into a few issues here.  First, why does it seem as if you
can't access the arguments that are passed into the worker via the create
method when it's indeed loaded for the first time?  I either get that I'm
trying to access a nil or something else that prevents me from accessing the
arguments I passed to new_worker.  Or am I correlating the two wrongly
(create and new_worker)?

Secondly, in my connect_to_jabber method, I attempt to do things like create
a connection to Jabber and such.  Everything works fine outside of bdrb.  In
this case, I'm only wondering what the tasks you call on workers are
actually supposed to return and is the code I'm writing somehow preventing
these from working properly even though it works outside of bdrb?  Here's
just one line of what I was attempting to do earlier:

def connect_to_jabber(login_info=args)
   jid = JID.new(login_info)
   return "All done!"

When I run this code, *without* the first line, it does just fine.
Otherwise, bdrb just kinda sits there.  What am I doing wrong?

Here's what I'm doing in the controller, too, btw:


TIA for any help/pointers,
Tiffani A.B.
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