[Backgroundrb-devel] 1.0.3 problems with script/start

Clint Troxel clint at ctro.net
Mon Mar 3 12:08:50 EST 2008

Hi.  just updated to 1.0.3, and am having problems starting bdrb.  It
seems to be confused about my backgroundrb.yml file.

I'm trying to schedule recurring tasks from the yml file, it looks like this:

  :ip: localhost
  :port: 11006
  :environment: development
  :log: foreground
        :start: <%= Time.now + 5.seconds %>
        :end: <%= Time.now + 2.years %>
        :repeat_interval: <%= 1.day %>

here is some cmdline output:

ctro$ script/backgroundrb --version
ctro$ script/backgroundrb start
(erb):11: undefined method `seconds' for 5:Fixnum (NoMethodError)


Is this not the correct way to schedule the worker?

Also, a slightly related question:  how does the add_periodic_timer
method work?  Is it started up "automatically" like workers used to be
in the example above?

Thanks again!

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