[Backgroundrb-devel] Any luck using Rails 2.1 config.gem?

Joost Baaij joost at spacebabies.nl
Fri Jun 20 18:21:46 EDT 2008

I've seen Ticket #92 where a load error in the chronic gem pops up.

In that ticket is a mention of using gemsonrails to freeze gems in  
vendor/gems. I am using the built-in functionality in Rails 2.1 to do  
that; using the config.gem statement in environment.rb.

However when I do this, those gems are not available to backgroundrb:

ruby script/backgroundrb start
1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:27:in `gem_original_require': no such  
file to load -- packet (LoadError)
	from /System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8/usr/lib/ 
ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:27:in `require'
	from script/backgroundrb:16

What road should I travel in finding a solution:

1 - manually traverse the vendor/gems/* dirs and include all gems there
2 - leaving this to Rails, so load and initialize Rails first (no idea  
3 - never bother freezing these gems and keep them in the system  

I am tempted to travel road #3 since chronic, packet and hoe are only  
required for backgroundrb and have nothing to do with my Rails app.  
But some hosters might find it problematic to install gems.

Any ideas?

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