[Backgroundrb-devel] Please comment on upcoming changes of backgroundrb

hemant gethemant at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 16:44:46 EDT 2008


I am getting ready for a new release of BackgrounDRb. It will be
mostly tagging of git release which is being used in production. Not
to mention, Packet and BackgrounDRb has seen a _lot_ of improvement
and fixes since last release.

Also, there are few changes that I want to introduce, please comment on them:

1. As posted earlier - A way of running threads inside backgroundrb
and yet able to use result saving and stuff like that easily.
Currently method is named fetch_parallely which i am planning to
rename to run_concurrently. #defer stays as it is.


2. Ability to cluster and connect to multiple backgroundrb servers. It
involves some additions to backgroundrb.yml like:

# following section is totally optional, and only useful if you are
trying to cluster of backgroundrb server
# if you do not specify this section backgroundrb will assume that,
from rails you are connecting to the
# backgroundrb server which has been specified in previous section
  :drb_servers: ","

So, when you say:


BackgrounDRb will delegate the task to your backgroundrb servers in
round robin manner. By using:


you can one specific instance of worker which is tied to one
particular server. Also, #new_worker will be working a round robin
manner, but you must call #delete on returned object.

3. With clustering, there comes the question of storing worker
results. So far, backgroundrb result storage has been a bit of
problem. In new version, I am planning to rename ask_status to
ask_result. Also, register_status will be deprecated and for storing
results, you will have to use:

cache[some_key]  = result

where cache is local cache in your worker.  note that, here you are
defining a key for your result. But in memory process storage of
results won't work if backgroundrb servers are clustered and hence,
you will have to use memcache based storage if you are going to
cluster your workers. mechanism will be the same, you will specify the
key which will be combined with worker_name and worker_key.

Also, job_key wherever used will be replaced with worker_key since I
find that name confusing.

Thats all folks. Please try git version. Stress test it and let me
know about any problems.


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