[Backgroundrb-devel] Restarting BackgrounDRb Means Restarting Mongrel?

Ian Lesperance ian.lesperance at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 14:28:08 EDT 2008

I've noticed that I can never just restart BackgrounDRb by itself.  As soon
as I do that, Mongrel can no longer pass requests off to it.  The only way
to get it working again is by restarting Mongrel.  As annoying as that may
be, I suppose I could justify it to myself, since BackgrounDRb is
essentially resetting itself and its connections.

But what seems odd is that Mongrel (or, rather, MiddleMan) doesn't seem to
notice that it's requests aren't getting through.  That is, no errors are
ever thrown.  The requests just die silently.

Is this the expected behavior?  Shouldn't MiddleMan notice that it's
connection to BackgrounDRb just got severed?  Or am I missing something?

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