[Backgroundrb-devel] Edge stability?

Aaron Pfeifer aaron.pfeifer at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 14:12:23 EDT 2008


I've recently transitioned to the edge version of BackgrounDRb (2008-05-26)
and I was curious what the opinion was as to the stability of it.  Here's
been my experience with older and newer versions:

Originally I was using revision 286 from subversion (back on 2007-12-17, I
know I know it's old) and it was working fine for development purposes, but
I eventually started seeing very sporadic outages of bdrb (i.e. the process
would just die) when actually testing it with some amount of load.

I then moved to revision 1.0.1 (revision 311) since that's the last tagged
version that was publicly released.  While 1.0.1 removed the sporadic
outages that were happening and could handle a small amount of load, it
still could not handle the amount of work that I needed it to.

I've since moved to the latest revision on GitHub (at the time,
on 2008-05-26.  This version has proved to be the most stable as of yet
based on my own load tests.  This means I'm also using the latest revision
of Packet on GitHub.  The load tests have run over a period of 24 hours and
I haven't seen any problems with BackgrounDRb.

Before I move forward and use this in production, I was wondering if there
were any known concerns or problems about the latest version on GitHub?  Is
there much holding this project back from tagging a new release?

Thanks for any thoughts.


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