[Backgroundrb-devel] Problem with worker servers

Daniel Lockhart daniel at newzwag.com
Fri Jul 25 15:39:30 EDT 2008

I am a long time user of backgroundrb, and have used it's server  
methods (start_server and connect) to communicate data between various  
servers and applications.  It has been a great tool for this, and I  
feel fairly comfortable with how the server and client communicate.

With the latest version, however, I have encountered some problems.  I  
can successfully connect with 'connect' to a server started with  
'start_server', and the post_init function is called on both the  
server and client.   However, no data can be sent.  No matter who  
sends the data (server or client), the receive_data function is never  
called.  Prior to the update, this worked fine.  Is there anything new  
I should know about with this part of backgroundrb?  I didn't see  
anything mentioned in the release announcement, but before I start  
digging deeper into the packet 1.9 code, I thought I would ask here  
first.  Thanks in advance for any help!


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