[Backgroundrb-devel] Questions about 1.04/ask_result and getting status in general

Alan.Hayes at onevision.com Alan.Hayes at onevision.com
Wed Jul 16 12:45:10 EDT 2008

Hemant et al -

        I have been using BackgrounDRb 1.03 and am in the process of 
upgrading to 1.04.  I have been using the register_status/ask_status 
technique for getting info from my workers.  BTW my code worked fine in 
the recent edge version until the released 1.04 did away with 
register_status.  So I have a few questions about the new technique of 
passing cached values, e.g., status, between my workers & Rails (1.2.5).

(1)  With 1.03 I was able to determine whether a worker had been created 
by trying ask_status().  If the worker was not there, I got a nil back, 
otherwise I got the actual status as set by register_status() in the 
worker.  When I try this with ask_result(), it throws 
(bdrb_connection.rb/ask_result(), last line, bdrb_response[:data]) trying 
to evaluate nil.[].

        I could catch this exception in calling code, but I was wondering 
if it might not work to change ask_result() to return nil if 
read_from_bdrb() returns nil like send_request() does.

                Line 142:       def ask_result(p_data)
                Line 149:         @mutex.synchronize { bdrb_response = 
read_from_bdrb() }
                Line 150:         close_connection
                Line 151:         bdrb_response? bdrb_response[:data]    : 
nil     <-- only line changed

        That would work for my purposes, but I don't know if it will break 
something else.  My quick perusal of bdrb_connection.rb says it's ok, but 
someone might be expecting ask_result() to throw and with this change it 
would return a nil instead. 

        If that is not the right way to determine whether a given worker 
is instantiated, what is?

(2)  In the more general area of the cache replacement for 1.03's 
status...  (I am using a single bdrb server, not a cluster.) 

        Is the cached shared 
                (a) ... between all instances of all workers?  OR 
                (b) ... all instances of a given worker?  OR 
                (c)  ... does a single instance of a worker have its own 

        If the cache is shared, does that mean workers can communicate 
with each other.

(3)  One of the problems I had with 1.03 was that the register_status way 
of doing things did not seem to work unless I set no_auto_load(true) and 
started the worker myself from Rails.  Without doing that (believe it or 
not) I was getting the status from a different flavor worker, but that's 
history.  Whether that was me or a bug in bdrb, I don't know. 

        So the question for 1.04 is whether I will have the same problem 
with the cache of an auto_loaded worker.  If not, great.  I have yet to 
try it.

(4)  I could use some examples of passing cached values back and forth. 
The examples in git are still using register_status().  In particular, I 
need to talk to a particular instance of a worker. 

        Thanks for bdrb and the help, alan
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