[Backgroundrb-devel] thanks, and a question about week day scheduling

Tom Wood thomas.a.wood at uconn.edu
Sat Jan 26 10:24:05 EST 2008

I'm a big "fan" of BackgroundRB ... 1.0 came along just when my project
needed it, and I've been very happy. Thanks much for this very helpful
piece of software.


My question:  I have a worker scheduled cron-style as follows:




      :trigger_args: 0 0 8 * * 1,3,5 *


I.e., I want to run this particular worker method at 8:00a on


According to the logs, however, this worker ran at 8:00a this morning,
which happens to be Saturday!  I have checked the system date, and it is


Am I misinterpreting the weekday numbering convention (0 = Sun, 1 = Mon,
2 = Tue, etc., like cron), or did I find a bug?


BTW, this is not the only worker in the system.




-Tom W.


Tom Wood

thomas.a.wood at uconn.edu <mailto:thomas.a.wood at uconn.edu> 

ITS Applications Developer

University of Connecticut Libraries


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