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Meech meechman at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 09:55:26 EST 2008


I thought you did not _have_ to exit your workers, that they could just hang
out and process requests.   And most of my stale, open connections are the
result of ask_status calls,  not sure these hit (or need) a worker?    I'll
try it though.


Thanks.  I haven't really run into any barriers yet, I'm just used to
watching netstat to make sure all the various pieces and parts are awake and
listening.    My work rig is Windows, and I find myself checking netstat a
lot because backgroundrb (under cygwin) starts successfully (or rather
without any errors) but doesn't always really start.    Don't have this
problem on my home 'nix box.

My application dynamically shows and hides links, actions, etc and my 1st
revision polled MiddleMan directly everytime -- rather than caching it in an
@instance variable.   So for each request MiddleMan.ask_status could get hit
10-15 times depending on records, auth, etc.

After refreshing the page a few times, I see 50+ connections just hanging
around and that's just with me.   I'm just wondering what this will be like
when it hits production.

I'll put in a ticket...
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