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'ps -ef | grep worker' on your box. If you find there are a bunch hanging
around - there's your problem. I'm running an ooold version of BDRB (0.2.1),
and I have to kill the workers from rails, or call 'exit!' at the bottom of
my do_work method to get things behaving properly.

You might be encountering something similar. Not sure what the latest and
greatest method of achieving this is...TTL perhaps anyone?

On Jan 25, 2008 8:56 PM, Meech <meechman at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm checking out backgroundrb for a calculation process I estimate will
> take 2-3 minutes and be ran on-demand only via Rails.  Very easy and slick.
> But I have a question.
> The connections never close, if I do a netstat they just keep piling up.
> Do I need to do some housekeeping somewhere?   I noticed the @
> connection.close statements are commented out in favor of a # FIXME type
> deal.
> Even if I store read_from_bdrb in an intermediate variable, call @
> connection.close then return, they still sit in a CLOSE_WAIT status
> forever -- long, long after mongrel has cleaned up.
> I'm not a communications guy, so if I'm doing something wrong, let me
> know.
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